Sunday, June 26, 2011

Final Inchies card–new color :)


A Muse Inchies 001

Ten Minute card!!

It is not that often that I am able to come up with a ten minute card.  Well, that is not really right – I come up with a lot of cards that only take 10 minutes to make.  However, it does not usually take 10 minutes for me to create them.  I obsess…over what colors, what paper, even which of our yummy ribbons to use.  Too many fabulous choices! 

Hubby suggested that I add the glitter to the ends of the butterfly wings.  Excellent suggestion – I guess he will  get to venture into the Stamping Room more often!

You know, I said that this is my final Inchies card…not really.  It is just the final one I put together for the A Muse Studio Consultant Challenge – but I am really having fun making these. 

There. will. be. more!

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