Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Highlighting With Inchies

It’s another fabulous How-To video from our friends at A Muse Studios!!

With the video came another A Muse Studios Inchie Card 002A Muse Studio Creative Consultant challenge -


We were challenged to use Inchies on our card.  Inchies are 1” square (or circles) that highlight a stamp – or even your favorite portion of a stamp. 

I have been dying to use my two doggies.  Quick, does anyone know if they are supposed to be Scotties or Westies?  I am voting Westies, as one of my most favorite dogs is a Westie.  (His name is Blitzen and he is the best-est ever!).  All of these stamps come from the A Muse Sudio set, Ooh La La!  And, Blitzen said I had to have it.  He can be bossy like that.

I don’t know if the stamping police would consider the top to my Eiffel Tower an Inchie…but since my #1 stamping rule is there IS NO stamping police, then I can just do what I want! 

Quick tip for you…when stamping over multiple layers like I did with the Eiffel Tower, it is good to have a thin lined black marker on hand.  I use an Onyx Uni-ball pen, cuz that is what I had…There were spots on my impression that were not complete, do to the paper not being smooth under the stamp, I just colored it in.  Then I added glitter.  Because I like glitter.

Again, please email me if you are ever interested in becoming an A Muse Studio Consultant, or if you are interested in hosting a stamp night with friends!


  1. oh wow! i looooooove this! how cute is that? you rocked the inches! :)

  2. Super cute! I have to go and play with some inchies!

  3. So CUTE! Love how you did the gingham dogs!

  4. LOVE your inchies card! So cute and creative! =)