Saturday, June 4, 2011

Technique Tutorial #1 - Shaving Cream (Otherwise known as ‘So Easy–Even My 6 Year Old Can Do It!!’)

Thank you all for the kind words about my last 2 posts that featured the Saving Cream Technique!  Thanks to the great idea from my reader, Kristen, I created the following picture tutorial.
Well, I guess I can say that I directed it.  This tutorial stars my youngest son, Logan.  He is six.  He is going to start First Grade in the fall (he likes for everyone to know that) and he is my favorite crafting buddy.  (Ignore the closet mess that you can see behind him in some pics – I am re-organizing.)

Shaving Cream Technique:
Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 001
  You will need the following supplies:
  1. 1.   A plastic container or even a paper plate to work on.
  2. 2.  Shaving Cream (I get the cheap stuff from the $ store)
  3. 3.  Reinkers – A Muse Studios (Logan chose Watermelon, Orange Crush & Cherry)
  4. 4.  Paper towels
  5. 5. Chopstick or something to stir with

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 002
Fill your container with about an inch or two of shaving cream.

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 006
  Add drops of ink.  We usually use about 7 drops each of 3 colors.  I love doing this with A Muse Studio inks, available through my webstore.  I ordered the Summer Collection of reinkeres, so that I know that all of the colors would coordinate.

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 007
Swirl the ink & shaving cream around, with a chop stick or anything else that you do not mind getting inky.  Don’t stir too hard or you will muddle your colors, but soft swirls will give you the coolest effects.

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 008
Logan has stirred the left side of the mixture.

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 009
Gently set your paper on top of the mixture.  Softly tap your paper to be sure that it has completely touched the ink. 

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 011
  We use our chopstick to lift up one side of the paper pull them back.  You can tell at this point that Logan takes his crafting very seriously.   We them put this, shaving cream side up onto a piece of scratch paper.  Honestly, I use the ugly scrapbook paper that comes in the many paper packs that I have bought over the years.

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 017
Put paper towels over the shaving cream and tap to remove shaving cream.  If you rub, it will smear.  Maybe you will like that look, but we generally don’t…but we aren’t judge-y.  We generally use about 2 papertowels, and fold them into quarters.  When it is covered , we keep switching sides…you will get messy.  Messy is fun, just look at his face Smile

Shaving Cream Technique Instructions 019
  TA – DA!!!
When all the shaving cream is patted off, you will have your masterpiece!  I cover it with another piece of scratch paper & something to weigh it down and let it dry for at least a per hours.  Then use it how you would any other Designer Paper!!
Please let me know in comments if you have any question about this technique, or if you enjoyed Logan’s first tutorial!

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