Thursday, August 23, 2012

Currently in Recovery from my Olympic Fever!


I am missing the Olympics.  No, not all the swimming, but the sense of togetherness that it brought.  Each day at work, we would discuss our highlights of the tv viewing the night before.  (Did you see Gabby?)  We were all watching the same thing.  It was like when I was a kid, and everyone watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas on the same night – because that ONE night was the only chance you had to see it until next year.    But, I digress…

So, I did make this card a few weeks ago – at the height of my Olympic Fever.  We have since made it in my last workshop & I hope my guests liked making it like I did.  Since then, I have put it somewhere very “special” in my studio.  Yep.  I have no flipping clue where – but I did remember today that I had a picture of it to share with you.


Supplies Used:

    • A|S British Invasion
    • A|S Cherry Chevron Cardstock
    • A|S Blueberry Petite Polka Dot Cardstock
    • A|S Cobalt Cardstock
    • A|S Sugar Cardstock
    • A|S Cherry Ink
    • A|S Navy Ink
    • A|S Winter Sky Ink
    • A|S Forget-Me-Not Paper Flowers
    • A|S Cherry Grosgrain stitched ribbon
    • White Brad (Colored w/Cherry Ink & Clear Embossed)

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