Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Sneak Peak? Sure, since you asked so nicely…



Decided to do another quick & easy card for you all.  You remember the motto, don’t you?  “Think simple, think A Muse…”

This is a single stamp from the Keep Calm set that I showed you yesterday.  The crown is perfectly centered, which is great – because if I tried to center it, it would be all sorts of wonky. 

I broke out the A Muse scrap drawer & decided to pair up Buttercup & Wasabi, as I had the perfect size scraps to use.  Stamped in Wasabi & made dots around the Sugar panel with my Y32 Cashmere Copic.  Of course, the crown needed just a little something sparkly!

Keep watching for more sneak peaks from me & A Muse Studios!


  1. Love both of your Keep Calm cards, Dana! The stripes around the edge is so striking. Can't wait to see what else you make. :)

  2. I love this, I definitely needed some inspiration for this one! Love the colours!